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Websites, specialised for higher education news:
University World News(external link)
Times Higher Education(external link)
The PIE News(external link)
Science Guide(external link)
University Post(external link)
The Chronicle of Higher Education(external link)
Education Week(external link)
Inside Higher Education(external link)

The education section of major news websites:
The Guardian(external link)
The Telegraph(external link)
New York Times(external link)
Huffington Post(external link)
Le Monde(external link)
El Pais(external link)
Die Zeit(external link)

Articles on tuition fees:
Huffington Post, 11.4.2013: Why all public higher education should be free(external link)
Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, 7.4.2013: Universities tested by foreign student influx(external link)
University World News, 2.2.2013: Move towards tuition fees for non-European students(external link)
New Europe, 8.1.2013: International students under threat in Finland(external link)
University World News, 16.12.2012: Students protest against introduction of tuition fees(external link)
International Herald Tribune, 24.9.2012: A patchwork of financing complicates foreign study(external link)
University World News, 23.9.2012: New study shows EU´s patchwork university fees system(external link)
University World News, 10.6.2012: Students' challenge to fees raises questions over Erasmus Mundus(external link)
The Guardian, 24.8.2011: Parents of the past paid hefty tuition fees.(external link)
The Guardian, 27.4.2011: Rise in university applications slows amid fears about degree costs(external link)
University World News, 17.4.2011: UK - Fees and unemployment make mobility attractive(external link)

Washington post/Wonkblog series "The tuition is too damn high" (August/September 2013)
Introducing The tuition is too damn high, 26.8.2013(external link)

Articles on student loans:
Huffington Post, 19.6.2013: Student Debt Balance Around 60 Percent of Graduates' Annual Income on Average - Study(external link)
New Statesman, 7.5.2013: Student loans in Britain are basically taxes - and universities want to raise them(external link)
Huffington Post, 14.5.2013: Obama Student Loan Policy Reaping $51 Billion Profit(external link)
New York Times, 12.5.2013: Student Debt and the Crushing of the American Dream(external link)
Science Guide, 10.5.2013: EU Loan Scheme - Loathed and Loved(external link)
Science Guide, 11.4.2013: High debt, no degree(external link)
New Europe, 25.2.2013: Student´s worry about a loan scheme(external link)
Science Guide, 21.2.2013: An EU student loan - but why?(external link)
Bloomberg, 23. April 2012: England student debt unprecedented as government shifts funding(external link)
Science Guide, 23.4.2013: Repercussions of a Dutch study tax(external link)
The Washington Post, 22.3.2013: Past due student loans multiply(external link)

Articles on budgets for education
International Herald Tribune, 26.11.2012: Europe´s budget crisis hits universities(external link)
University World News, 31.10.2012: New Nordic agreement on compensation for students(external link)
University World News, 4.10.2013: Student mobility threatened by cash crisis(external link)
International Herald Tribune, 15.10.2013: School cutrs will sacrifice the future(external link)
New Europe, 30.4.2012: Poor education standards no use in crisis(external link)
New York Times, 4.3.2012: Hungarian students decry state sponsorship cuts and other changes(external link)
University World News, 8.1.2012: Student unrest in an era of economic crisis(external link)
University World News, 25.11.2011: Drive to double EU study-abroad numbers(external link)
University World News, 10.7.2011: Time for higher education investment is now(external link)
University World News, 9.1.2011: Spending cuts hit university budgets(external link)
Times Higher Education, 15.9.2011, EU is keen to double its funding for Erasmus.(external link)

Articles and press releases published by ESU
Here you can find a collection of articles and press releases published by ESU on the financing of higher education.(external link)

Articles published by the media on FinSt
Here you can find a collection of articles published in the media on the financing of higher education.(external link)