FINST Action Toolkit

The FINST Action Toolkit is intended to give the reader an introduction on planning and implementing actions regarding financing of higher education. We hope that with the help of the Toolkit, the student representatives on European, national and local level will be able to increase their participation in the debates on financing of higher education and better plan and implement different actions with regards to financing, from lobbying to campaigning.

The toolkit was prepared on the basis of the responses we have gotten from student representatives in the Financing survey, as well as on the experiences from the workshops on actions and campaigning that took place during the European Training on Financing of Higher Education.

The first part of the Toolkit outlines some ways on how to analyse the existing funding system and identify what needs to change. Second part is focusing on planning the actions that would achieve the changes desired. Third part is focusing on identifying and planning how to involve students into the actions and to train activists. The last part is a comprehensive presentation of actors and stakeholders in higher education, which can either help or slow down the planned changes.

Toolkit can be dowloaded here.(external link)