FINST talk

In this section you are invited to talk about your opinion or views on the financing of higher education. This information is open to everyone to read except in cases where specific privacy settings are applied. Please that into account if you make use of the features that the FinSt talk has to offer. Please visit this webpage on policies and guidelines for more information about the general terms of use.

The FinSt talk is divided into two different parts, a blog and a forum, as explained in more detail below.

FinSt blog
Those students that have participated in the FinSt project have regularly written blogs that have been posted online where they talk about their experience and opinion on the subject of financing higher education. Most of these blogs were written in relation to specific events organised as part of the FinSt project, with special attention given to the partner unions from the project from Austria, Estonia and the UK. The participants were given an insight into the work of other national unions of students where they were introduced to different types of financing systems. This allowed the participants to compare their own systems to the ones used in different countries in Europe.

FinSt Forum
Everyone interested in the topic of financing higher education are encouraged to participate and exchange comments through a debate online. The FinSt Forum is an interactive platform where registered users are able to create new discussions or contribute to older ones. The users are therefore able to start a discussion related to a topic of their interest that other users can react to. This makes it very easy for users to interact among each other by bringing up questions or topics of interest.