Welcome to the Financing the Students’ Future (FINST) project's website

Financing the Students’ Future” is one of ESU’s flagship projects, focusing on financing and in particular on students’ view on financing of higher education in European countries. The main aims of FINST are to increase the knowledge on the different financing systems in Europe for higher education and how they affect students and to enhance the capacity of our members, the national unions of students in Europe, with regards to active involvement in higher education funding reforms.

For the past two years we have been gathering data from various sources, discussing the challenges faced in financing higher education with students and stakeholders from all over Europe. It started with the Launch Conference(external link) in Tallinn, Estonia, and continued with the Consultations seminar(external link) in Liverpool, UK, and European training on financing of higher education(external link) in Bucharest, Romania. Throughout this period of time, we have been writing articles on the most significant areas of higher education financing, designing future funding scenarios as well as preparing student policy recommendations on the funding of higher education.

More information about the project and its deliverables can be found in the section called ABOUT FINST.

This website contains the outcomes of the project, but is not meant to be only a source of information. We would also like to invite you to share your information and views with us and help us to shape our database and polices.

In the INFORMATION part of the page, you can find the information about different aspect of funding systems for most of European countries, various articles that deal with the issues of funding higher education, presentations that the users have uploaded and a short glossary of the most common definitions with regards to the overall topic of funding of higher education.

This part of the website works as a wiki page, so you can also add or change the data displayed and help us be more accurate and up to date.

In the FINST TALK part, we invite you to share your views and your comments on the current and future funding policies, be it in your country or on European level.

In the TOOLBOX section, you can find the deliverables that have been produced as parts of the FINST project that we hope can be useful not only for students and student representatives, but also for other stakeholders and everyone interested in the topic of financing of higher education.

If you have any questions about the project or would like to know more about it, please send us an email at finst at esu-online.org.

The FINST project team
The FINST project is co-financed with help from the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Programme(external link).