How to contribute

This wiki-style website is designed to be a platform for interactive discussions on the financing of higher education. People interested in the subject are encouraged to contribute to this platform, either by adding material that they think they is relevant to the subject or by participating in online discussions.

How to register:
This website offers its users a number of possibilities to contribute. If you are not a registered user already, you can do so by filling out the online form here http://finst.esu-online.org/tiki-register.php(external link)

Use the username and password you are given to login as a user by filling out the box in the upper right corner of the website. You can only login after your application has been confirmed by the web’s administrator. Then you should have received a confirmation e-mail.

When you have been confirmed as a user you can make changes to the content of the page just like you would be editing a webpage on wikipedia.org. A text editor makes it easy for you to manage it, for example making some letters bold or by adding hyperlinks. You can also undo your changes if you think you made a mistake.

How to participate:
In the section we call FinSt Talk we offer our users to engage in online discussions with other users about the subject of financing higher education. The users are able to create their own blogs or participate in an online discussion forum, which makes it possible for users to exchange comments and debate interactively.

Other sections of this website include for example collection of articles and publications on the financing of higher education. In the Toolbox section you can find all material that has been published in relation to the Financing the Students’ Future (FinSt) project run by ESU as well as information on other relevant publications and reports. Under information, you can find more general material on the subject, for example a collection of links to news websites specialised in following higher education and also specific articles that provide an insight into the overall discussion.

Everyone can also contribute to the website by commenting on articles or any other content published on it. In most cases, this is possible without having a registered user account. We value your opinions and suggestions, so please use this option if you want to send us your remarks or thoughts.

We advise you to read a user guide provided by Missouri State University if you do not have experience of using a Wiki style web editor, available here(external link).

Engage through social media:
You can also participate in the discussions through social media in the following ways:

Twitter: Include #finst in your tweets and they will be published automatically in the Twitter box on this website. Also engage in direct discussions with us @esutwt(external link)

Storify: Follow our channel here(external link), which includes a collection of tweets from the final conference of FinSt.

Facebook: Follow us on Facebook(external link) and share or comment on updates linked to the Financing of higher education. We also offer a Facebook page(external link) especially dedicted to FinSt