This section includes useful information about the financing of higher education. The team behind the FinSt research followed closely any media coverage of the subject and presented the project at various events. It also looked into the qualities of national systems of higher education and aimed at defining various concepts that could be used in further discussions on the subject.

We hope that the information provided in this section can give policy-makers, officials of higher education insitutions, students and the general population an insigt and ideas that can help them to discuss the financing of higher education and the pros and cons of various systems.

Country presentations
Contains specific and more detailed information about the countries observed in the FinSt project. We also hope that users and readers of this website can contribute to the content of this page, either by adding or sending us country specific information about their higher education systems that might be missing.

Here you can find a collection of articles that have been published in the media on the subject of financing higher education, such as on student loans, tuition fees and the European or national budgets invested in higher education.

Here you can find our presentations related to the FinSt project. People are also encouraged to send their own presentations to us if they feel like they belong there.

A collection of definitions and concepts used in any discussions on financing of higher education. Users are also encouraged to send us their suggestions for concepts or let us know if some definitions are missing in our glossary.