Policy and guidelines

This website is operated by the European Students’ Union (ESU) with headquarters based in Brussels, Belgium. It is a part of a research project run by ESU from 2010 to 2013 called Financing the Students' Future (FinSt). Please visit the official website of ESU(external link) if you would like to know more about the organisation and its members.

The website is an interactive platform that offers its users to maintain its content and edit it easily just like the free-content encyclopedia wikipedia.org(external link). This website is managed with the free and open source based Tiki-Wiki software(external link). It differs from printed publications in such a way that it is continously updated, where it is possible to make changes that are published immediately on the website. Our readers and users need therefore to be aware of the fact that it may contain misinformation or vandalism because it is an open source platform that the users are able to change rapidly. We would ask all of our readers to inform us if they encounter wrong information, mistakes, flaws, slander or vandalism on our webpage by sending an e-mail to finst at esu-online.org and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Although the content of this website is administrated by ESU, we invite everyone that have an interest in the subject to contribute and to help us improve our database and policies. All you need is acess to the internet. Everyone can post and edit the content of this website as long as they are registered users except in some specific cases where particular privacy settings are applied.

ESU has developed ethical guidelines and a criteria for the users of this website that they are asked to take into account in their work. Even though this website is open to all content, ESU does not accept that it is used for slander, hate speech or vandalism. All users are asked to act responsibly and consciously. A violation of these policies can result in a termination of the respective user account.

This website is open to all users regardless of their age, culture and social background who are able to post or edit articles, references, images and other material. All users are asked to use these privileges responsibly so that they are ensured that the information published is based on reliable sources and does not vioalate the copyright of its authors. The website is administrated by ESU and any changes to its content are scrutinised.

In this section you can access our privacy and user policies for this website.

User policy
This section contains the ethical and practical terms and conditions for registered users and other contributors or readers of this website.

Privacy policy
This section describes the privacy policy followed by ESU when maintaining this website. It includes ESU's policy on how information about users and their activities is protected and handled.