Research Compendium

The Compendium is the culmination of the research process carried out during the project, the rationale being that it neatly brings together the various different research components. The project began with the formulation of a series of hypotheses, with data gathered in order to test them. Certain topics that were of particular interest to the research team were then investigated in further depth through research articles. With this general overview of the situation regarding student and higher education funding across Europe, considerations for what the future of funding might hold for students, higher education institutions as well as wider society were proposed, in the form of ‘scenarios’.

Primarily, this compendium is meant to be a tool for students and student representatives, when they are discussing funding of higher education. It does not give final answers, and it does not offer easy solutions. As we have observed, because of the differences in national context and because of the complexity of the matter, easy fix of this issue or simple answers to the questions about funding are not possible.

It can be dowloaded here.(external link)