Useful links and references

Here you can find useful links and references to publication from several organisations that are dealing with higher education.

European Student Union - ESU:
ESU publications(external link)
Bologna With Student Eyes 2012(external link)

European Commission:
The Higher Education Modernisation Agenda(external link)
Higher Education Reform Policies(external link)

National Student Fee and Support Systems 2011/12(external link)
National Student Fee and Support Systems 2014/2015(external link)
Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Funding and the Social Dimension 2011(external link)

Eurostat (education):
Key data on education in Europe 2012(external link)
The Bologna process in Europe – Key data on Social Dimension and Mobility 2009(external link)
Trends in European education during the last decade(external link)

Education International:
General website(external link)
European Trade Union Committee for Education(external link)
Education in crisis website(external link)
Knowledge Economy - Investing in opportunity campaign website(external link)

European University Association - EUA:
EUA Funding Forum(external link)
Public Funding Observatory(external link)

General website(external link)
Social and Economic Conditions of Student Life in Europe(external link)
Bologna Implementation report 2012(external link)
EUROSTUDENT Intelligence briefs:
The impact of fees on student budgets(external link)
The similarities and differences between students’ income(external link)
Is higher education in Europe socially inclusive(external link)

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development - OECD:
OECD Library(external link)
Education at a glance (latest version 2012)(external link)
Education indicators in focus:
How are countries around the world supporting students in higher education(external link)
What share of public spending goes to higher education(external link)

Higher Education Strategy Associates (Canada):
General website(external link)
2011 Year in Review – Global changes in Tuition Fee Policies and Student Assistance(external link)
Global Higher Education Strategy Monitor 2011(external link)

Badescu M., Loi M.: Government expenditure on education in the EU: Level and trends(external link)
United States Congress Joint Economic Committee, June 2013: The Causes and Consequences of Increasing Student Debt(external link)

Public campaigns on the Financing of Higher Education
Vote for Education(external link)
Invest in Education(external link)
Free Education Europe(external link)