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Posted on Tue 13 Dec 2011 at 22:38 by Jorge Moreno Herrero

It has been a really long day. But it´s Christmas so I have a little special thing for today.....

Yesterday we finished nearly at 3 am after reading and preparing all the OECD education at a glance indicators from two different systems that we had to compare and analyse.

In my case, I was supposed to compere Norway´s HE financing system with Spanish HE financing system. But the most exciting thing about today is that during the last workshop we came with an idea and now I´m excited with it and working on it. It´s going to be (I wish) a really interesting surprise. That´s why today I wont be able to write as long as normally.


Stay tunned ¡¡¡¡¡
Posted on Mon 12 Dec 2011 at 16:17 by Jorge Moreno Herrero

So here is what you missed on FINST during the weekend;

Saturday was quite an interesting day, for the first time we were able to sleep longer and wake up at a very very late hour ( of course in Austria) 9am¡¡¡ I felt so bad….

After doing some stuff with our host, we all gathered at the University of Vienna. There Janin – chairperson from ÖH- and Elizabeth- a lovely woman that knows a lot about history in Vienna and Austria- were just waiting for us. We then started the visit to some important buildings and monuments that somehow were related to National Socialism ideology during the last decades in Austria. I have to say that it was amazing to find so much relations with it, starting with the head of Siegfried, the monument for all dead people due to Concentration Camps and Gestapo, also the monument against war and fascism in the Albertina´s Square. Finally we end in the Jewish Square, were you can find a really emotional and sensitive monument that represents all the knowledge lost during the holocaust and somehow represents a place that we won´t be able to enter again.Image

Sunday was also a really good day, we moved all together to the hostel, so it was a little bit sad to go and say good bye to our hosts that were taking really good care of us during the last week.

We meet later Peter- general secretary for ÖH- who was really kind to walk around the city with us for more that 4 hours. Although it was really cold , we managed to see important buildings such as the parliament, the imperial palace, we went into the highest part of Stephan’s Cathedral ( 343 steps in a really little snail stairs) thanks to my exchange mates enthusiasm¡¡¡¡

After the whole walk we end up in a Japanese buffet and guys, believe when I say that I would never stop laughing when people try for their first time sushi…. It´s so great.

This was all for the weekend and then Monday came……

Already at 9 am we were meeting Stephan from the ÖH, in the University of Vienna. We had the chance to go around the university and the camps, and during the following 3 hours he was explaining us about the Unibrennt movement, which I would like to introduce shortly. This movement started in 2009 almost like spontaneously and based on many problems that students were already complaining time ago. Students were really seeing that the bologna implementation in Austria wasn´t working that well as it was suppose to, also they were claiming for free education and no tuition fees, that their students representatives have to be taken into account into the governance system at universities, etc. In general the movement could be defined as a sum up of different problems that weren´t new for the students and with the government reactions during those months and that leaded to the explosion of students protest.

The demonstration ended to have as a core the Audimax room in the University of Vienna. The occupation lasted 2 moths, and although many of the goals weren´t archive, the medias started to be more and more into HE news and policies and became and important topic in society. Also I would like to remark one important conclusion about the whole movement, and is that students do really care about their studies and their future leaving aside their political/religion/social/gender/sex orientation/ cultural or any type of differences to join together and fight for what we call free education considered as a public good but also as a public responsibility, we all students see clearly that HE is a key tool for development, that can extend to human, social, economical development, that´s why we do take care.

During the afternoon we started with another really important topic; gender budgeting. Please read the following article that might help understanding the concept:

It´s quite interesting some of the outcomes from this seminars, specially I would like to remark, that this concept is more about to support needs rather that just simple amounts or numbers, is about covering what every citizens needs and not just 50/50 division in the budgets for males/females.

I think that this quote will fit, since he was, at least for me, an outstanding person,

“We shall require a substantially new manner of thinking if mankind is to survive.” Albert Einstein (check his biography ;) )

As every day, thank you again for following and us¡¡¡

Stay tuned

Posted on Fri 09 Dec 2011 at 20:14 by Jorge Moreno Herrero

Strange Spanish guy....yes I was two hours before the scheduled at the office. That’s the best way to be on time...... Jorge 1- Blackberry 0

After joining all my exchange mates, we started the round of visits to different local unions in the city of Vienna. The first in the row was the University of Technology of Vienna were the local executive committee was waiting for us. The main point was to get to know how the local unions work, and although we didn´t focus that much on this we actually got to know really well how are the elections for the different structures at university level. It was quite interesting to see how students elect different lists of candidates for the “students parliament” and the votes are distributed following D´ Hont System. Then the executive committee for the local union is elected between and among the students elected in the “students parliament”. A think that is quite a good example of good practice the way that the local union in the Vienna University of Technology. They gather each 30 days with students representatives from every program ( up to 5 representatives are elected for each bachelor and master program) and try to gather as much information as possible and also get feedback for the plan of work.

Then we had a break for lunch and we end up discussing about quantum physics and nuclear physics (yes, who could guess we were with students from a university of technology???).

The next visit was to the ÖH- local union in the University of Life Sciences. There we had the change to visit the local ESN branch in this university. The visit was actually quite interesting and we end up discussing about how do students react toward new policies and new actions of government. The next workshop was held in this local union, and we were discussing about how some students houses were founded among Austria in the 80´s. Actually the main point about this was that many students were forcing their rectors to give them free places in which they could gather together for different purpose and this way guarantee their right to freely associate.


The next part was to visit the student´s organize bar where you can eat really good food for low prices. This was actually quite interesting since the whole place smells like student movement and activism, it´s a must visit place¡

See you soon¡

Posted on Thu 15 Dec 2011 at 00:57 by Jorge Moreno Herrero

This entry is dedicated to all those that with their work and effort this document have made this document possible.

I would specially like to thank ESU and ÖH for the whole Exchange. The inputs and outputs from the workshops have been huge and I really feel excited to come back and share all that we have been working for this past two weeks.

I would also like to thank Minke, Cristi, Edgaras and Velo for their hard work, for all those long and eternal discussions and specially for the time that we have shared together all of us.

I do believe that this document reflects all what we have been working during the exchange and hope that you enjoy it.



Sincerely yours

Jorge and all the FINST crew ;)