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Posted on Tue 13 Dec 2011 at 09:28 by Minke Remmerswaal

Hi all of you!

Here we are. Edgar, Velo and me sitting in nice and comfi chairs in a Starbucks, and drinking coffee and eating cheesecake. Time to write about today for the FinSt blog.

We’ve had a nice day today. First Stefan from OH gave us a tour at the university and told us all about the student protests here in Austria in 2009: Unibrennt. Sitting in the very aula that had been occupied then for two months gave us a good insight of what exactly has taken place during the protest. Unibrennt – or university burning as you could translate to English – was a bottom up, spontaneously arising protest that a lot of students joined. Originally, the students wanted to stand up for the poor implementation of the bachelor/master division, however, after a short while, Unibrennt started to cover much more topics and problems in the Austrian higher education. Stefan spoke very fervently about the protests and how inspiring it was. But after one month of occupating the aula, the protest and student movement started to become weaker, and more and more homeless people were coming and sleeping in the university. Still, the spin-off has made students really involved in their education and university.

After a great and tasty lunch we went to the OH office where Beate explained us all about gender budgeting. This is a very interesting way of taking into account gender in every decision and allocation made in budgeting. Implications of budgets and money spending are analysed between men and women. This made us discuss for a long time about equal opportunities for men and women and how to achieve this.

By the way – regarding financing the students’ future – the social democratic party has its wishes and intentions announced to implement a loan system in Austria, comparable with the Australian system. This news somehow gives our FinSt project an extra urgence and relevance. Wednesday, OH will have a press release to give their view on the matter. We’ll also be there!

I’m going to wrap up now, it’s time have dinner somewhere and then prepare for tomorrow, it will be a long and intensive day!

X Minke

Posted on Tue 13 Dec 2011 at 09:25 by Minke Remmerswaal

Hey everyone!

Here my first entry! It’s now Sunday evening, and we (Edgar, Jorge, Cristi, Veli and myself) are sitting in the lobby of our hostel. We changed from the apartments we were staying to his hostel and are now sitting here to relax from a lovely day. I’m Minke by the way, the last participant of this FinSt-exchange here in Vienna. Friday evening I arrived in here in Vienna. Couldn’t come earlier, as we had a General Assembly of my National Union, ISO (one of the two member organisations of ESU from the Netherlands).

Back to Vienna :-) A really nice city, from what I’ve seen so far! I’ve been staying in Tinja’s apartment until now, and her flatmate Ana picked me up from the train station. After some drinks in a arty and cultural bar, time to go to bed and starting the FinSt program!

Saturday – we got a tour through Vienna, focussed on national socialism (fascism and anti-Semitism) here in this city and in Vienna. It was a really interesting tour, giving an in-depth insight on the topic and illustrating perhaps a more awful part of Austrian history. Signs of national socialism can be found all around the city.

Then we had a nice meal in a student like Austrian restaurant called ‘Einstein’ (yes- very inspiring J) and everyone could try the proper Wiener Schnitzel!

Today (Sunday) time to move to the hostel! Packed with bags and suitcases to a hostel called ‘Wombat’s’ J We dropped our things and had breakfast with Kaiserschmarrn J Jorge was super excited! Afterwards a really nice sightseeing tour in Vienna with Peter and dinner in Bamboo – a Japanese restaurant! Now back in the hostel, catching up on what I’ve missed the past week! Tomorrow a new entry from me on this blog, and hopefully with a lot of interesting information about HEIF!

Grüss Gott!